3pt Hitch Spreader

This spreader goes with our 35hp tractor.  It is great to spread a significant amount of seed, fertilizer or soil.

Skidsteer Rockhound Attachment

The rockhound attachment is the perfect tool to prepare soil for planting.  The rockhound will remove a rocks up to 2.5″ deep and put it in the bucket for easy dumping on the side.

3pt Hitch York Rake

Easy 3pt hitch attachment.

3pt Hitch Box Scrape

It has 5 adjustable tines.

3pt Hitch Tiller

The tiller is PTO driven and is 60″ wide.

3pt Hitch Bush Hog

The three pt hitch bush hog is 60″ wide and is driven by a PTO drive.

Tooth Bucket

This comes with our Bobcat rentals.

Smooth Bucket

This is standard with our Bobcat rentals.

Skidsteer Bush Hog

Skidsteer Breaker

The skidsteer hydraulic breaker hits 500 lbs per blow.  It can be rented with any of our Bobcats or put onto your own machine.  It also is available for our Bobcat Excavators.