Patio Heater

patio heater

The patio heater is perfect for your early spring or fall party.  It also can fold down to be easily transported.

20 lbs. Propane Tank


We rent the tank.  The propane is sold separately.  Also, bring in your tank to be filled.

100 Lbs. Propane Cylinders


We rent the tank for any heater, the propane is sold separately and filled on site.

42″ Drum Fan


This fan is 42″ in diameter.  It is perfect for industrial jobs or staying cool at a party.

36″ Pedistal Fan

pedistal fan

This fan oscillates and is 36″ in diameter.

50,000 BTU Heater

50btu new

This heater runs on propane.

100,000 BTU Heater


This heater runs on propane and needs a large propane tank.

155,000 BTU Torpedo Kerosene Heater


This heater runs on Kerosene or clean diesel.

155,000 BTU Torpedo Heater


This heater runs on propane and requires a larger propane tank.

375,000 BTU Torpedo Heater


This heater runs on propane and requires a large propane tank.