3pt Hitch Spreader

This spreader goes with our 35hp tractor.  It is great to spread a significant amount of seed, fertilizer or soil.

Toro Z3000 Zero-Turn Ride On Mowers

The Toro Z3000 zero turn ride on mower is perfect for any commercial or residential lawn.  The mower deck is 52″ wide and has has a 25hp Kohler engine.

Tow-Behind Plug Aerator

The 40″ tow aerator is to be pulled behind a standard lawn mower tractor.  It comes with the proper weights for the plugs to enter the ground.  This aerator is perfect for large lawns.

Classen 24″ Power Aerator

The Classen 24″ power aerator is a self propelled plug aerator.  This is the perfect machine for small to medium size yards.

Classen Split Drive Power Aerator

The Classen split drive aerator has a 36″ drum and allows you to turn gradually while the tines are still engaged into the ground. This aerator is perfect for medium to large lawns.

Turf Solutions/Toro Lawn Revitalizer

The Lawn Revitalizer is a 20″ self propelled Overseeder.  It has a heavy duty 40lbs capacity seed box that adjust the flow depending on the seed.  This machine is perfect for larger area’s and all terrains as it is powered hydro-statically.

Classen 24″ Overseeder

The Classen 24″ overseeder is a grea way to lay seed into your lawn to make your grass grow more full.  The machine is propelled by the operator and is better suited for flat or semi flat terrain.

Classen Dethatcher

The dethatcher is a 24″ machine that you have to push.  It removes the dead thatch from your lawn so that the grass can grow fuller.

Classen Sod Cutter

The Classen sod cutter will cut up to 2.5″ deep and is the same width as the sod  you buy.  It is perfect for cutting out a walkway or garden and using the sod in another area.

3hp Front Tine Tiller

This 3hp tiller is perfect for small gardens.