5hp Front Tine Tiller

This tiller is perfect for larger gardens and yards.

Barretto Rear Tine Tiller

The rear tine tiller is hydraulically driven both in the wheels and the tines with a 9hp Honda engine.  It is perfect for hard ground and large areas.

30″ Walk Behind Bush Hog

The Little Wonder Bush hog is 30″ wide and self propelled with forward and reverse.

Bed Edger/Slit Trencher

The bed edger will carve a edge along your flower bed to allow you to mulch right to the edge.  We also have a 2″ and a 5″ trenching blade perfect for laying dog fence or cable.

Walk Behind Leaf Vacuum

The Little Wonder Leaf vacuum has an impeller that chops up the leaves as it puts them into the large easy to dump bag.

Walk Behind Leaf Blower

The Little Wonder leaf blower has the power to blow all of your fallen leaves into a pile.

650 lbs. Lawn Roller

This roller is towed by a garden tractor.  It is easily lifted in and out of your car or truck as you fill it on site.

250 lbs. Lawn Roller

Push/Pull lawn roller.  It is easily lifted in and out of your car as it is empty until you fill it with water on site.

Stihl Backpack Leafblower

2-cycle backpack blower is the most powerful on the market.  It comes with a can of mixed fuel.

Stihl Backpack Sprayer

The sprayer sprays any fluid.  It is manually pumped and makes spreading any liquid on your lawn easy.