Schmidt Sand Blaster (300 lbs.)

The Sand Blaster is perfect for removing heavy paint and hard to remove material off of hard surfaces.  It is very abrasive and you must protect the other parts of the piece of equipment you do not want damaged.  The 300 lbs pot allows for more blasting and less filling.  You can also get the sand blasting helmet and respirator.

The Sand Pot runs off of a 185 air compressor which Rental Works also rents

**The Sand Blaster requires sand blasting sand which Rental Works does not carry **

Sodablaster (100lbs)

The Sodablaster is an alternative to the sand blaster.  Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate blast media as a non destructive cleaning operation that will remove paint, light surface rust, grease and many other surface contaminates on virtually any surface.  The difference from the sand pot is that it will not damage most base surfaces and surrounding components such as hoses or wiring.  The blast media is 100% water soluble and environmentally safe.  Because the soda blasting media is a natural odor eliminator it is ideally suited for cleaning and deodorizing fire, smoke and mold damage in buildings.

This unit requires a 185 air compressor and the Soda blast media, both of which Rental Works carries.

Miscellaneous Yard Tools

Shovels, Trenching Shovels, Rakes.

Engine Hoist

It comes in 5 easy to load pieces and assembles easily.

Miscellaneous Machanics Tools

We rent a vareity of sockets, wrenches, and other equipment.

Heat Gun

Remove paint and adhesives easier with a heat gun.

Metal Detector

Find any metal with the metal detector up to 12″ deep.

Wallpaper Steamer

Laser Level

The builders level comes with a tri-pod and a measuring stick.

Builders Level

The builders level comes with a tri-pod and a measuring stick.