Locator for Camera Snake


Rent this locator with the camera snake to determine exactly where the problem lies.  It detects how many feet and inches the snake is below the surface to make digging easier and more cost effective.

200′ Camera Snake


The 200′ camera snake is perfect for finding the clog in pipes ranging from 3″ to 10″ in diameter.  It is equipped with LED lights on the end and a high resolution camera so that you wont miss anything.

25′ Electric Drill Snake


This drill snake is perfect for un-clogging small sinks and bathtubs.

50′ Electric Snake


The 50′ snake has a 1/2″ line and comes with 5 different tips for different types of clogs.

100′ Electric Snake


The 100′ electric snake is perfect for un-clogging 3″ -4″ in diameter lines.  It has a 5/8″ line and 5 different tips for different kinds of clogs.