Scaffolding Internal Stairs

The scaffolding stairs allow you to create a safe stairway in 6′ masonry scaffolding.  The stairs comes with the stairs as well as the safety rails to go into a 6′ section of scaffolding.  The 6′ scaffolding is rented separately.

Indoor Bakers Scaffold

The indoor scaffolding comes with two end frames, one walk board, two cross braces, and four wheels.  Also upon request we can get safety rails.  The scaffold is 30″ wide, 6′ tall and 6′ long.


Outriggers help make the footprint of your scaffolding bigger.  These are necessary if you are going to stack your scaffolding higher than three sections tall.  If you have any kind of base plate or wheels you will need to get one extra per out rigger.

Castor Wheels

Make your scaffolding roll.

Adjustable Plates

They look the same as the base plates but screw to adjust the height of that one leg.

Base Plates

They give each foot more surface area on soft ground.

Safety Rails

The safety rails go on either the 5’x5′ or the 6’x5′ end frames.

7′ Walk Boards

The walk boards are 30″ wide and have metal hooks to seat nicely on the frame of the scaffold.

7′ Cross Brace

This cross brace is used for the 5’x5′ bucks, the 6’x5′ bucks, and the narrow bucks.  It is used to attach two frames together.

Narrow Scaffold

Narrow scaffolding is good for tight area’s.  When put together it is 5′ tall, 30″ wide, and 7′ long.