18″ Mini Trencher

The mini trencher trenches 18″ down and 4″ wide.  The chain is motorized but it requires you to pull it in reverse while cutting.  It is perfect for small short trenching jobs.

36″ Barreto Trencher

The Barreto trencher is a walk behind unit that goes 3′ deep and 4″ wide.  It has fully hydraulic wheels and chain for easy trenching.

42″ Barreto Track Trencher

The Barreto trencher is a walk behind/stand behind unit that goes 42″ deep and 5″ wide.  It has fully hydraulic tracks and chain for easy trenching along with a trench clean out bar to ensure a true 42″ depth.

Bed Edger/Slit Trencher

The bed edger will carve a edge along your flower bed to allow you to mulch right to the edge.  We also have a 2″ and a 5″ trenching blade perfect for laying dog fence or cable.