Yamaha 6 Seat Utility Vehicle 4 Wheel Drive

If you need to move people around a job site or an event then look no further then the Yamaha Viking 6 Seater.  This utility vehicle is unlike any other utility vehicle because it seats 6 people safely while still giving you the versatility to haul things in its work box or tow a trailer.  The Viking 6 is 4 wheel drive and tops out at 40 mph.

TransCube 250 Gallon Portable Fuel Tank

The TransCube Fuel tank helps our customers take control of the fuel supply on their job sites which allows them to work more efficiently by limiting downtime for fuel “runs”.

Each TransCube has multiple feed and return ports to fuel as many as three pieces of equipment simultaneously. This means the customer can provide auxiliary fuel to a generator (direct connection) and refuel diesel-powered vehicles (by using the built in pump) at the same time.

Rental Works will even supply the fuel. Call us for more details!

Toro Z3000 Zero-Turn Ride On Mowers

The Toro Z3000 zero turn ride on mower is perfect for any commercial or residential lawn.  The mower deck is 52″ wide and has has a 25hp Kohler engine.

E-Z Lift Conveyor

The E-ZLift belt bucket conveyor will move dirt, gravel, coal, dry sludge, cecycling, and many other bulk materials 21′ up to a 45 degree incline and runs off of a 110 outlet.  It is light weight and compact and fits into basement windows or cellars.  It is easliy towable with any truck.