10×70 Marquee Frame Tent


The marquee tent comes in 10 foot sections.  It ranges from a 10’x20′ to 10’x70′.

10×10 Frame Tent


Square Feet: 100 sq. ft.

Standing People: 20 people


20×20 Frame Tent


Square Feet: 400 sq. ft.

Standing People: 80 people

Buffet Dinner: 50-57 people

Sit Down Dinner: 40 people

20×30 Frame Tent


Square Feet: 600 sq. ft.

Standing People: 120 people

Buffet Dinner: 75-85 people

Sit Down Dinner: 60 people

20×40 Frame Tent


Square Feet: 800 sq. ft.

Standing People: 160 people

Buffet Dinner: 100-110 people

Sit Down Dinner: 80 people

30×30 Frame Tent


Square Feet: 900 sq. ft.

Standing People: 180 people

Buffet Dinner: 115-125 people

Sit Down Dinner: 90 people

Hexagon Tent


Square feet: 1050 sq. ft.

Standing Room: 190 people

Buffet Dinner: 125-130 people

Sit Down Dinner: 100-110 people

You can attach 20′ wide tents to a side as shown in the picture.